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Class Outline


WEEK 1: From Creation to the Edge of Wilderness: A sweeping introduction to the Torah


WEEK 2: The World of the Bible: Tour the first thousand years of Jewish history


WEEK 3: Heart of Many Rooms: Jewish diversity


WEEK 4: Holy Days – The Wheel of the Year


WEEK 5: Shabbat – A Palace in Time


WEEK 6: When Do I Bow? (And other questions about Jewish prayer)


WEEK 7: Passover – The Jewish Master Story


WEEK 8: God – Encountering the Holy


WEEK 9: Talmud – Argument for the Sake of Heaven


WEEK 10: Starting Over – The High Holidays


WEEK 11: Kashrut – The Original Soul Food


WEEK 12: Philosophers, Poets and Mystics


WEEK 13: Marriage, Love and Kosher Sex


WEEK 14: From Birth to B’nai Mitzvah – Raising a Mensch


WEEK 15: A Time to Mourn – Traditions for Death, Grief and Healing


WEEK 16: Out of the Darkness – Stories from the Holocaust


WEEK 17: Israel – Dreaming of Deliverance


WEEK 18: The Jewish Mission to Heal the World


Hebrew is the language of our sacred texts and the living language of the state of Israel.


Prior knowledge of Hebrew is not required to study in the Goodblatt Academy program. Our synagogue host locations offer opportunities for learning Hebrew, and welcome Goodblatt Academy students.

Beginner's Hebrew at Temple Beth Zion/Beth Israel, Monday nights, 6:00 PM, preceding Goodblatt Academy classes. More information and registration here.

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