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Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends the Goodblatt Academy?

Everyone wishing to learn about and deepen their connection to Judaism is welcome in the Goodblatt Academy:

  • If you are not Jewish, and considering conversion...

  • If you're sharing your life with a Jewish partner, and want to know more...

  • If you have always felt Jewish in your heart and want to make it official.

Is the Goodblatt Academy for Jews, too?

Absolutely! Whether you want to accompany your non-Jewish life partner in their learning journey, or you want to re-ignite yours, Goodblatt Academy classes cover a spectrum of topics that will give you a deeper understanding of your heritage.

How does it work if I want to convert to Judaism?

Completion of the Goodblatt Academy Introduction to Judaism program fulfills the learning requirements for conversion of the Rabbinical Assembly of America. Once you finish the course requirements and secure a sponsoring rabbi, you are eligible to become officially part of the Jewish People. Your sponsoring rabbi will discuss the details of the actual conversion ceremony.

If I'm looking for a sponsoring rabbi for conversion, can you help?

Yes. The rabbis of the Rabbinical Assembly Philadelphia Region organize the Goodblatt Academy and serve as sponsors for conversion. We will help you find a rabbi who will guide your learning path, arrange for your ritual immersion in a mikveh (ritual bath), organize your appointment with a beit din (Rabbinic court), and support you before and after your conversion to Judaism.

What if I have to miss a class?

We understand that conflicts happen, so we try to make it easy for you to make up a topic. All of our classes are recorded so in the event you miss a class we can send you the class recording.

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